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 Sirocco is a team collaboration software which enables a team of people in an organization to share and access company information through the Internet. An interface which is similar to the Windows Desktop and all can be accessed via an internet browser everywhere in any desktop or notebook.


Businesses today are looking ways to streamline their businesses as they go through globalization. It is not common that most businesses which exist today are found in every part of the country across the globe. As businesses go through intense expansion, starting from a single unit they are constantly expanding from one country to another, somehow the management realized the complexity of the command chain. Budget allocated to every business unit for expansion and operation silently go wasted without seeing productivity from the unit. Budgets are spent on failing projects due to poor management and for this most giant corporate will go through restructuring in order to streamline their businesses again. Businesses constantly restructure their corporate structure to shave off unnecessary cost and burden knowing that restructuring will too incur cost for employee compensation.

With the advancement of Information Technology, businesses realized that with IT, they are able to manage their offshore business unit via Internet. Unfortunately, this create more complexity as the technology is not able to cope with the constantly growing business. Hence, most of the IT projects fail to deliver the business needs.

Precise communication between business organization is vital, however it is extremely difficult to interconnect the network of these organization when they are located across the globe. Businesses then turned to the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) to interconnect networks via Internet. This solution is easy to implement for small businesses, however things gets more complicated for business which exists almost in all the countries in the world. Business allocate huge amount of budget in order to maintain these network which most of time, the network transfer is slow and not reliable. Virtual Private Networks employs tight security which encrypts the packets sent out to the Internet hence slowing down the network.

For the past decade, internet technology has grow tremendously. There are a lot of internet sites offers beautiful and interactive pages delivered to the internet browsers. With AJAX, the page is able to display JAVA rich application in the browser. Coolite is a user interface framework which allows the display of a desktop like
user interface in the browser. Sirocco utilize this user interface framework to deliver feature rich desktop to the user.

Sirocco is a centralized team collaboration software which can be accessed anywhere across the world and it requires few maintenance because it is a centralized system.


Messaging and Communication
Corporate Instant Messaging
Corporate Email

Sharing of Documents
Documents sharing
Media sharing.

Corporate Directory
Corporate Structure Management

Workflow Management
Project Management

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